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Hacking to the Gate! So now with each passing second, I'll cross world lines to protect that smile on your face. Then once again into a time loop without sad. I will be swallowed up as a lone observer
Stopped in to post one link. Will be back later in the year (2017).
That makes sense now. Somehow I am starting to believe that World War III in 2015 (predicted by John Titor) wasn't canceled but delayed...
James F
James F
it would be more "fun" to believe this, but most if not all of John's predictions did not come true.
And not enough people heard of him as you think, not enough to change his time line completely.
set TTC broadcast for {October 3rd 3:33pm 2715] HEY FOLKS I MADE IT TO Jan 26th 2017 without a hitch thank you future TTI OUT
I want to go back in time exactly 39 years by tomorrow and delete everyone's memory.
hey what is going on Galaxy616?
Well if the idiots do not admit to being the horrible POS they are and admit to what they did then apologize in public for it you will find out Jacin Young. No harm to this forum though I promise. I actually have respect for the admins of THIS forum.
I don't know who Rachel Maddow is, but someone needs to wipe that smug look off of that young man's face.
Good, so NO second shooter. News says it was likely just a loud noise that caused a second panic.
Active shooters at Ft. Lauderdale airport. Nine shot, hope nobody else gets hurt.
On Hiatus (from TTI) starting January 1st. 2017. On to R &D, and further field work.
I want to finally travel back in time to 1994 july 15th. Any thoughts?
yeah use the hdr, ormus materials and a mind machine on a vortex.