Yet another aliens topic


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Dec 10, 2017
People that have been abducted and returned were taken for genetic samples for future patient recovering from a graft or transplant. Every thing we see that is a “UFO” is our tech, our stuff is all over the place, there is no real reason for any of none organic life to come to earth, it is a wild life preserve. and proof for them that life started like this for them.

To them we are like little baby’s to them, they made use of the power from the interaction from our atmosphere and sun, in the next year the will be refilling our atmosphere with more oxygen for the sudden rise in nitrogen, also they had it right after the last 10,000 years, humans were seeded on earth after the old empire was over thrown, there is no aliens theirs just more of “us” out there. more humans with different eye colors hair colors skin colors highs mass.

Humans on earth are considered a 10 type class human (hostile or combative behavior levels, with great problem solving traits) were not criminals were a soldier species of man, but were not ignored because of this, it was proven that even our smartest minds can cohabitate, were just a rare type of man and as such considered an endangered species, The cool thing about us is our entertainment, games, movies & music. Earth Media is like the best source of entertainment in the know galaxy. so much so that they teach earth languages as a course for developed learning of underdeveloped civilizations. the governments is aware of the Dominion and as such try not to piss anyone off them when they come to earth.