Why not ask a Nazi on E.T.s


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Jan 26, 2002
Wash State,
High and greetings to you.I know your'e out there listening as well as watching.I would like to know and you can answer this anonymously if you desire, but how do the supposed Nazis get along with other types of E.T.s?

A for instance and why for the most part I am curious as to how E.T. issues are for you on the other side of the fence, is that in Patrick Huyghe's best selling book, The fieldguide to extraterrestrials, there is a mentioning that the hairy dwarve E.T.s that we said to have abducted a Brazilian soldier while he was on fishing vacation, seems to be a problem.

I've even heard that at one time they were promised Earth, however the selling of the deal was reneged upon and they ended up on staying on Mars.So by shootin the breeze with boys in black, I hope to find out a little bit about how it is for you guys & gals.

We collectively need to know this on our half of the net, so how goes this social situation that I have asked for you? Please and thanks, much appreciated.


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Mar 13, 2016
A SWAG would be that just as there are good as well as bad humans, there may be good as well as bad aliens?