Questions for John Titor

Sep 28, 2003
New Jersey
What happened with the emails you carried from 2001 to 1998? What communication did you have with the recipients? Why did the email senders observe reality changes? Have you been to this worldline's future? If so, what is it like? Does the 2015 nuclear war still happen? Have you prevented the death of the woman you love? Have you been modifying this worldline with the intention of staying on it permanently?


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Jan 18, 2007
if i could talk to titor, and he was real, id have a very specific question. could you take me back to september 28th 1999 so i could save my mother from being murdered?

if he was real, thats what i would ask him, nothing more. thats my whole reason for ever coming to this site.


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Nov 3, 2014
I would ask John if there is any way at all that I could travel back to 1992 and change something that I have regretted for 22 years?


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Nov 8, 1999
Hmmm I would ask?

John...could you teach me what you know about growing a healthy garden?

What the heck happened to the departure video?

Can we just spend an afternoon together? I have a lot of questions.

Can I just touch your arm to see if you are vibrating different from me?


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Apr 13, 2012
Hi guys!

I've removed the tangental posts - @PaulaJedi wants to keep this a "Titor Questions Only" thread so let's stick to that, please :)


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Oct 14, 2014
Does Society or whatever is left (government) put "In God We Trust" on credit cards and debit cards and not only greenbacks in the future?

Does Society or whatever is left (government) have "In God We Trust" on Green Cards in the future?

In the home on the wall?

Any other place except the no money in the pocket (or money in the purse or wallet)?


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Jun 6, 2013
How long has it passed -to you- since your first visit to us? I mean, was it only a couple of days or maybe weeks? To us it has been almost 15 years...


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Oct 14, 2014
Ya, does the Country have Cemeteries in 2036?

Ever seen a Cemetery in Middle East Countries, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan?

( or do they just blow up everybody over there?)

Does the Country have travel brochures to Cemeteries in 2036?


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Feb 23, 2014
Is there any part of the universe not accessible by time machines?

Does the worldline picture require the existence of higher dimensions? Descriptions of "worldlines" on TTI seem to refer to 4 dimensional worldvolumes in 10 dimensional spacetime, which to an internal observer look like 4 dimensional spacetimes. If we wanted to speak about 10 dimensional worldlines, would we need more dimensions or could that information be encoded in spacetime without changing the dimension?

Does the worldline picture breakdown when quantum effects become important?

For a given worldline, is there a unique, well-defined past and future?

Are there situations in which there are no worldlines in the sense that there are no 'submanifolds' that look like 4 dimensional spacetime? What causes the existence of worldlines in the ordinary case?

Is there a well-defined conditional probability measure for worldlines? That is, can we assign meaningful probabilities to future events in all cases?

Is space or time compact? Are the tools of topology sufficient to describe the physics of time travel? (I.e. is there a topology of spacetime or do we need a more general concept?)


Why would a time traveler choose to show up in Fall 2014? Does it have something to do with Ebola? Back in 2001, John Titor seems to have planned to leave in a time machine on or soon after the spring equinox. Does the solar eclipse on the spring equinox in 2015 affect time travel enough to make it an attractive departure date? Why not just leave on the fall equinox? Is there some asymmetry between the equinoxes?

What went wrong back in 2001? Reading the chats and in the absence of significant events for Y2K, it seems that was not a surprise that no video surfaced.

What are the laws and treaties governing public (as in known to the public) time travel versus private time travel?

Have any prominent celebrities traveled through time? How much do our contemporaries time travel, hidden to the public? How frequent is time travel?

When is time travel typically invented? Does our worldline have relatively low or high technology?


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Feb 14, 2015
If you cannot make it back to your exact origin and keeping all of the divergence percentages in mind, how did you make out with getting back to be able to help with the 5100?


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Jan 17, 2014
Zeta Reticuli
In reference to the paragraph below, wouldn't you be concerned about passing along or picking up bacteria, viruses, and parasites to/from different time periods?

"Depending on whether or not you are going forward or backward, the footprint of the unit is different. I wouldn’t quite say it “scoops” up the ground cleanly. It sort of vibrates it loose and takes it along for the ride. It looks like someone raked the ground an inch or so deep with a small hand hoe or shovel. The negative ergosphere “scoops” up the front and back areas of the field. The positive ergosphere leaves a longer area near the center of mass. It’s about a cubic foot of dirt spread out over six square feet or so."

Ok, my first questions disappeared. Here are some of them.

Regarding: "The computer units and gravity sensors "record" your trip and you are quite easily able to return to your
point of origin." Are you stating that you can return to the exact timeline you left with zero divergence?

Regarding: "There are 7 other time travelers in my unit." Did the 6 other travelers enter this timeline with you? Have any of them interacted with people online?

Were you at all suprised by any technological advances of this timeline, or have you seen it all before?

Was the 177th the true name of your team, or does it have another meaning?

Have you encountered extraterrestrials while on any time travel missions?

Considering the multiple timeline theory, wouldn't it be possible to meet several copies of yourself on the same time line at which you arrived? After all, other copies of yourself may end up doing the exact same thing you were doing. Couldn't there be an infinite number of copies of yourself running around the multiverse?

[ Z ]

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Mar 20, 2015

If you hipothetically came back (It'd be fun, wouldn't it?), these are my questions:


2- I was thinking about time travel, and, concluded that if you travelled from your worldline (2036) to other worldline (Actuality, the moment when you arrived) and again to other worldine (2036), the probabilities of you returning to the same worldline you started, is like 1/TimeTravelDivergence, so in almost all the cases you return, regardless of small changes in worldines.-My question-:

3- Will I be famous? :'v


5- How is internet in your worldine? Is like this worldine internet? The designs of the webpages are like ours? Is there more cyber crime? People use it as we use it?

6- Do you know anime? If you do, how have animes changed from our (or your) actuality (2015) to your worldline?

7- Do you know someone else travelling in time?

8- If you know about someone else travelling in time, why did he/she travelled?

Please, answer all questions if you come back.

Maybe later I'll add more. Maybe no.
That's all.

Raquel H.

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Mar 27, 2015
Considering the lifestyle you portray in your present, why no mention of the Amish? Have you incorporated the Amish into your society, or do they live in isolation? Do these new small communities trade with them for goods and services?

And how is it that America operates as it does with no incursions from hostile foreign nations?

No mention of the moon?

If you ever come back (and read this) answer one simple question: if your mission was so vital, why send one guy? Why not an entire platoon? Why not multiple platoons to different years/world lines? Why would your CO opt to send you in to the field at such a disadvantage? What if you had been killed or paralyzed or brain damaged while on assignment? What then?

Is there no buddy system in time travel?
Likes: Gpa


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Apr 13, 2012
Guys, this thread is meant to be a collection of questions ONLY; non-question posts will be removed. You're welcome to discuss the questions posed here in other threads though.
May 28, 2015
Is it possible that the World War you were talking about that will happen in the year 2015 that killed nearly three billion people, is the currently intensifying tension of the territorial dispute between China and the other countries including the US?
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Jul 20, 2015
*How exactly does the singularity sensor measure the expansion of the inner even horizons?
*Why is there no on/off switch?
*What were the political motivations that changed the US constitution?
*Why does the reality of multiple worlds support the religious dogma that there is no 'good or bad people'..just good/bad decisions?
*If D-10 has to do with the 10 dimensions of string theory (which you said haven't been completed in 2036)..what was 'N-10'?
(from what I've read) There are 2 SI units..the linear/translational quantities and the angular/rotational quantities...does N-10 have to do with angular movement and if so, I find that very interesting as I was given a diagram by someone claiming to be JT awhile ago and in the shows time travel happening at a slight angle...the further you go back in time from the original point of origin, the larger the divergence.
*Ohm's Law...which is derived from Maxwell's equations states, any shape can travel in matter the shape or frequency. They can all travel at C (speed of light). Scientists have said, time travel would be possible if we could find something that travels faster than the speed of light....a few weeks ago they found evidence of the 'oh my god particle' inside of all living things.
Is this at all related to the time travel we will inventing in the near future?

Thanks & I'll post more as they come to me :)
Aug 13, 2015
John, you said that we hadn't discovered any new Planets.
That is false.
Just last year we discovered a planet that may just have life, Kepler-186f.
This indicates to me that the timeline has been extremely altered, possibly by the people in Power, diverting funds to NASA.

So I must ask, is it possible someone such as our Current President Barrack Obama is a time traveler, and has altered our timeline to prevent such a War?

It would make sense that if we went to war with Iran, Russia would go to war with us.
It would also make sense that if we went to war with Iran, we would have a Civil war.
But none of this happened thanks to the Iran Nuclear deal.
How possible is this? Maybe a Warhawk such as Hillary Clinton might ruin the deal in a Year, putting your predictions off by a Year?

Finally, What race, as in Asian Caucasian, etc, is the Majority in the World?
What race of those do you belong to?
How is Racism in that World?
How about Discrimination against those 600 or so remaining Atheists?
How is Homophobia?

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you were hiding some kind of Biblical war created by Christians to kill Atheists and Agnostics, perhaps allied with Muslims despite how unlikely I feel that to be.
I wouldn't count it as unlikely that things such as Interracial Marriage are banned, since you live in a Gnostic Christian Society.