Question about frame dragging


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Jan 18, 2007
Lets say you have a sphere of spinning electromagnets and you induce a large negative charge, would you be able to create the effect of frame dragging?


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Jul 29, 2016
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Jun 28, 2016
Frame dragging, spherical shape, spinning, magnetic field

Saw your post earlier, but was hoping someone else could answer, this is my best guess.

First, may you add electrons to your idea?

If you’re able to create a sphere with a magnetic field on the surface, add electrons to the magnetic field to create a surface.

A strong magnetic field will adhere spinning electrons, I guess you can use a tesla coil or a van graaf generator to add the electrons. (Random electrons do crazy things)

Next, use the angular moment of the sphere (fictitious force) to group and organize the surface of electrons.

If you have enough electrons, magnetic field, and angular moment I think the surface can converge – you would be making a big electron made of small electrons (simple explanation not really a big electron) they would be a surface of tension.

My guess the big electron would do what electrons do, jump in and out, and so on – worth experimenting.

**Warning**, make sure your sphere is symmetrical and balanced throughout, otherwise it will explode with the rotation.

Edit: Forgot, add a clock inside the sphere and keep a clock outside to measure the change.

Frame dragging, spherical shape, spinning, magnetic field, electrons
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