Predictions beginning 2017 from a time traveler


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Jan 26, 2002
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It is impossible to take pictures of a timeline to come unless the time line is broken into code, has a false graphic modulator construction placed inside of the film or recording, reconstituted and re-offered. In other words the $9.99 as shown on the bill board showing the price of gas, is impossible to accomplishes without a false, graphic representation and re-modulation.

If what you're showing here were true, the recording would turn all white. This statement meaning that this recoding had been a violation of the structural time parallax photography ability to take the recording capture .

To illustrate what's going on here, if you examine how a single lens reflex camera functions, you will see that there are two viewing line geometry vector legs, that are temporarily jutted off the movable position mirror inside of the SLR camera.
If you take each of those routes and say straighten them out and then point them to another mirror, only instead of this being a very short distance, that the target mirror is held in another time, then just by a human's realization, NOT THE SLR CAMERA'S ABITY TO SEE, you have established connecting points within the time the taker is currently in and another timeline.

When you take an illegal picture of another time in the future, to be taken to the past, in essence what your doing, is re-routing that information as a constant route of information. ~So know that information, in similar to too high of a current on a line without any protection, shorts out.Single-lens reflex camera - Wikipedia

This is why one cannot take pictures of another timeline to come. If this were to be a real film from the future, it would be modulated to appear as a heavy illustration with false characters placed within it, so that the timeline would not de.stable.

If this is by a freak of nature a stable, de.stabled by nature's providence capture, which rarely, but sometimes does happen, then this is the first one that I have ever seen. You can take pictures of the past, usually by a third party neutral character, I've seen a few of these, but it seems that pictures of the future are meant only for the human eye to capture, without the shut off destabilization factor?

@By false characters, you could in theory see a cartoon character, such as Porky Pig added to the capture foreground

Just thought you should know. What you're doing here, is also known as, leading the timeline and is not only illegal, but can get you a visit from a time cop.
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Mar 13, 2016
This brings to mind the theory of a Multi-verse worlds. A theory is just that...a "Theory" and nothing more, just as they have been known to change over time. I suspect that they are some folks that know for sure the truth of how it all works that are part and party to the "Secret Government" group. I think that it may be true what one person said about the gray aliens, that they are just humans from our future? The obvious question then follows, How did we change into such a being? I'll give you a free guess?


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Jan 17, 2014
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These are interesting predictions. I think a devastating nuclear attack would obviously make stocks plummet, even if the nuke hits another country. Still, seeing that this video was posted on YouTube in August of 2016, this could be a "lucky guess" situation based on current events and politics and possibly a "doom and gloomer" who hates Trump. But, we'll see.
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Mar 13, 2016
There may be some people that have access to the future, but all that I have is a SWAG or guess? If history repeats itself then we will see another world war, but the question is not if, but when? I would bet that it will be ugly if the nation that is loosing uses a nuke to end the war. Our country has the most to loose if hit with a EPM type weapon. I would suggest that people read a book called: One Second After or "Lights Out" as a way to get a heads up. Also if you read your history you may notice how the collectivist thinking folks seem to be the ones that start wars just as they say "Starve with a republican or Die with a democrat" ? Either way it hurts to be a human in a crazy world!


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Dec 30, 2012
Interesting. Any notable occurrences around Yellowstone?