Jeffrey Alan Lash

Jul 20, 2015
Something is very strange about this man.

His fiancé claims he was a human-alien hybrid.

He had no source of income, yet owned millions of dollars worth of firearms (around 1,200 weapons), I believe it said he had around 14 "specially equipped" vehicles, had 6.5 tons of ammunition in his home, and a quarter of a million bucks in cash.

There are no pictures of him that I'm able to find, and he claimed that he was some type of government employee.

I'm reading conflicting reports about how he has no family ties and no records of anything really, it was even mentioned that getting fingerprints from his dead body wasn't happening (maybe his body was badly decomposed?)

If I had to guess, I'd say he was a time traveler who chose to stay on this worldline.
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Aug 26, 2015
Hey what's up. Yeah I'm just going confirm what you are saying. He was using a small class 4 device with a skip feature. Guy was going around scamming people, governments, anybody he could using rewriting and upstaging tricks. The cancer he got was caused by using the small unit, and the obsession with guns was probably caused by several serial broken choices where he kept telling himself he needed to get a gun. Made him go nutty and he just kept buying them. Not a good guy.