Here's what I don't get about John Titor

Dec 10, 2017
U.K scotland
what i dont get is why is john titor not responding to any of the post at lest he can answer our questions i no he is a very big secret person and he probably dosnt even use this website but the lest he can do is respond to our matters etc etc etc lol :p


New member
Nov 8, 2014
If John is or was what he says he was things aren’t going down as he predicted. So maybe that’s why he’s gone quiet. Or maybe he managed to ‘change’ things enough to our present reality and got hauled back to his time for ’ playing with the time continuum’. I think he was a very good author with a convincing story that people want to believe in. Doesn’t it strike anyone else that these people just never come for a cameo once th story has been told?