George Noory and The Remote Viewer - Scam Conspiracy - ARREST MAY BE IMMINENT

Feb 7, 2017

Is there anyone in St. Louis or Los Angeles - Hollywood

Who may heard of "rumors" or "leaks"

That George Noory and The Project Stargate - NSA - CIA - SRI - Remote Viewers (SCAM ARTISTS and SPIES)

Are under "federal" investigation

And some have "disappeared" and can not be found...

Like Sean David Morton - who stole New Years Predictions from here

And aired them on C2CAM Radio shows in 2005 and 2006

I have being "monitoring" the "internets" and was led here...

They are really RUSSIAN SOUTH AFRICANS from Zambia Zaire or Angola

or NAZI Spy School people from Uraguay and Paraguay

That book by one The Stargate Chronicles is a disguised bio of an American Computer Genius slandered as NSA HumInt Agent - Psychic - like the one in Starship Troopers the blond actor from Doogie Howser ?

I don't recall his name... at the moment

Darkness has fallen over America

And The Sith and The Evil ones have foolishly "revealed" themselves on Shark Tank and CNBC
and promoted in USAToday Tech and CNN Tech

It's obvious they are OCCULT SATANISTS using the Dark Arts of Old Europe
here in America

May The Force Be With You

May The Universe protect you

And transform you into a Weapon against EVIL

Darth Tekno

Zen Buddist - Warrior Monk
transformed into a

Jedi Master

Jedi Rebel

The Sith - Corporate - Illuminati
Fortune 500 - Wall Street - Investment Banking + Silicon Valley
along with CNBC + NYSE