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Dec 10, 2017
VCMD Galactic Law & Order
Law 1.All Yahwans must not interfere for/with (Properties) of the creation of the First in property of law
Law 2 Do not advance technology being human current limit, non contamination.
Law 3 All Domain matters may not interfere with self advancement.
Law 4 Prevent Death of all species on Planet “Earth” and theft of resources of Domain Property.
Law 5 Never ascend/remove a human by force from Earth, all genetic materials from earth is important.
Law 6 All old Force Empire are to live on earth, without conflict
Law 7 If a human manages to leave earth, count up there time served and quart them credits served, and allow them rehabilitation.
Law 8 Never end a life cycle of any human.from type 12.182,~