Four Legged Creature Spotted on Mars?


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Jan 17, 2014
Zeta Reticuli
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I found this article that claims that a four legged creature was spotted with the Mars Rover., Mars' atmosphere consists of 95.3% Carbon Dioxide, 2.7% nitrogen and a few other trace gasses. The creature would have to be able to live off CO2. Who is to say that it can't? I can't fathom that all life is oxygen dependent. Another issue with sustaining life is the extreme temperature changes of Mars. The average temperature on Mars is 80 degrees, which sounds nice, but in the Winter, it can get down to -100 degrees.This creature would have to be able to survive that type of temperature drop. Second, the article claims that the original image is located here: isn't an official NASA website. It does have a shadow, but when zoomed in, there appear to be holes in the object where the article claims are eyes. Could it simply be an illusion caused by smaller rocks in front of a larger one?Third, do you see any obvious food sources for a creature to survive in this area? I am not convinced this is real, personally. View attachment 513


Raquel H.

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Mar 27, 2015
Of course someday an alien equivalent of the Mars Rover will come face to face with the Earth counterpart. Awkward moment. Exploratory machines don't need to breath or worry about temperatures, so it's not beyond possibility to have other robots from other worlds doing exactly what we're doing.
Apr 11, 2015
It's a rock. Look at the shadows, they all point roughly towards the camera. A rock in the distance would have a shadow like that if it was formed like, well, a rock. A few cracks in the overall shape and you have the "eyes". The legs are just shadow behind a few rocks in the foreground, you can even see the shadow of those smaller rocks clearly in the top-right image.

I do love a bit from the linked UFO website, though: "But suppose it is not imagination or misperception of the object". Yes, it is clearly a rock. But what if we make believe that it isn't?!? :alien: I'm not trying to mock the overall UFO community here, but there is a rising tendency to not only go full-throttle "I want to believe", but to leap from the shores of sensible study and simply say "we are bored, let's pretend this photo is hiding something incredible!". Open minds are great, but open them too much and the brain falls out. Plus, anything REALLY unusual gets buried under a landslide of "teehee this looks like a big bunny-rabbit... ON JUPITER!!! Dun dun DUUUUN!". Of course, if I was hiding something, that's exactly how I'd bury and discredit it....:ninja: