British Bigfoot?


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Apr 13, 2012
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British Bigfoot?

A mother walking her dogs in a forest thought to be haunted was stunned when her pets suddenly stopped to stare at a 'creature' that some are claiming is Bigfoot.

Maxine Caulfield was strolling through an area known as Slieveanorra in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, when she claims her pets used their 'sixth sense' to seek out the figure among trees.

But it wasn't until she arrived home and uploaded the pictures that she and others noticed the spooky outline of what looked like a furry beast lurking in the woodland.​

Maxine Caulfield says that at the time of the encounter, her usually rambunctious dogs abruptly became eerily still during their walk and began staring at something in the woods.

The bewildered woman took a picture in the direction that her dogs were looking, but couldn't see anything strange at the time.

However, when she later looked at the image, she was surprised to see what appears to be an eerie 'figure' in the forest.

Although Caulfield is not certain that the anomaly is a Bigfoot, she is open to the possibility that it could be.

What do you think it is?
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Jan 26, 2002
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At first glance, it does look like a creature, but look closer and you will see snow, moss, and a tree stump that, from a distance, looks like a leg lunging forward. I personally believe this is an optical illusion caused by a tree stump. The "arm" is a skinny, snowy branch.
Not sure either