A favor asked on reporting new guessed at alien


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Jan 26, 2002
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I will be very blunt and to the point on this asking, as this is slightly more than a hunch to me. So I will word this request very carefully.
It is my contention that some of the elements of the movie Star Wars, are past life information.
There is a reporting in a few web headers new, saying, (People after seeing Star Wars complain of experiencing flashback).

In my experience here and in real life, I have the suspicion that maybe this telling is true. However' I'm not sure to what purpose, say if Star Wars as either by coincidence, or purposeful design was brought back information to this relative time, for whatever reason?

In my asking here and I am attempting to do so with the blessing of the Master Of Postings, here. in your searches in both news and web information, if any of you hear of a mechanical-like alien being, recently spotted as landing, or from a telling of someone having a contact, to where they are apprised of a machine-like series of beings said to in the near coming future, please if you could report this, with a web address addy or link, here?

The what and why of my suspicions are, that the central character in the story-line of Star Wars may have been a real past figure, along with being very well traveled in the space community. So what is not know, is if any beings that he knew then, one day after they had evolved a while, would be possibly headed for Earth?

I do not myself know this, but am getting kind of a nagging feeling about this to come future occurrence. The closest thing that I can legally say, is Borg-like, or machine human like. Thank you and "please" do not make fun or light of what I have said and asked here, as this is an asking in realization is in my area of suspicion. So please if you could and find any veracity to this asking, just report it here.Thank you so much.


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Jan 18, 2007
This is off topic, but wow. Talk about a blast from the past. It's very surprising to see you here. I thought your account was blocked years ago.
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