90 Days of Soylent: Week 1


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Apr 13, 2012
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90 Days of Soylent: Week 1

Well, we've done it. One whole week on (mostly) Soylent!

If you've ever read through other people's experiences with this stuff, you'll see that the first week is ALWAYS the hardest. This is especially true if you're 100-percenting the stuff as well. Given that we're not drinking five bottles per day (we aren't active enough to warrant that many calories), we're missing out on some sodium intake which I believe tends to be the biggest source of cravings and irratability early on.

While we could probably just take a supplement pill or something to offset this, we've been indulging in ONE small, salty snack each night. This has helped a lot, especially Halovesya who is infamous in our house for being a chip fiend. There's a reason we buy separate bags of chips when we go shopping, and she's it ;) There were two occasions this past week when we skipped a Soylent meal - Once when our daughter wanted tacos so we went to On the Border, then once when we had our company party. Deviating didn't upset our stomachs or anything, and we were able to easily switch back to Soylent immediately afterwards.

Early on in the week, we both experienced some light headaches which we attributed to not drinking enough water. With how full we felt after drinking Soylent, another drink wasn't something that came to mind so was easy to forget to drink enough. Now I keep a large drinking glass full of water at my desk, and the headache problem has gone away.

Mentally, I feel better able to stay focused at work and generally feel more "ready". The caffeine from the morning Coffiest does a LOT to help with this as well.

On a normal day, I drink a Coffiest, a chocolate, an original and a nectar flavored one. Halovesya does the same, minus the nectar one. This means I'm taking in 1600 calories per day and Halovesya is taking in 1200. We haven't kept track of the calories from the nightly snacks, but my non-scientific opinion is that it's not much and we're still coming in under our calorie requirements anyways.

We have BOTH lost exactly 5 pounds. Halovesya is a typical woman and doesn't want to reveal her weight, but the weight loss has been a steady .75 pound loss per day.

We had a spreadsheet put together with daily losses, mood, cravings, etc but our Google Drive isn't working just now - We will post that in a reply to this thread later on.
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