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  1. Trevor

    How do high pitched frequencies afect the brain?

    I have been wondering for a while now, how do high pitched frequencies efect the brain. When I listen to the atatched file I feel a nice tingly sensation in the back lower part of my head and an almost massage like feeling pulsing threw my head. This sensation to most people is horible and makes...
  2. Trevor


    Im thinking, maybe we live in a spherical universe. any ideas, im glad to trade thoughts. :)
  3. Trevor

    Quantum Consciousness

    I personally believe that there is a plane or dimension that is somewhere all around us. i call this "quantum consciousness". the actual name is the matrix. this the idea that every thing we see, do, imagine, think, hear taste.....everything is kind of recorded and saved to a cloud of sorts (...
  4. Trevor

    No person in this time is from the future.

    All this crap about "john tittor" and other suposed time travelers coming back to fix the future is such BS. I will explain if you want, just ask. And if this is true about people actualy coming from the future, i might just be done with time travel all together.
  5. Trevor

    Mind Music

    Hello fellow TTI users. I am thinking about creating something new. it might be made already, if so please let me know. I want to create music that can change your brainwaves. i will do this by taking any song and putting a difference in frequency between the original song and the one im going...
  6. Trevor

    The square root of negative infinity

    I belive and have belived for a while that the square root of negitive infinity is imaginary 0 because the square root of a negituve number is imaginary. Help me understand more.