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  1. Cosmo

    A fond farewell

    I love you too ;) Thanks for bringing your personality to the boards. TTI became a better place because of people like you!
  2. Cosmo

    John Titor's identity revealed to be Morey Haber

    Paranormalis is actually offline the last day or two, Num just said he's been getting DDOSd or something. I'm about to shoot you a PM though hang tight :)
  3. Cosmo

    John Titor's identity revealed to be Morey Haber

    This is some guy who's been around for a while, most recently on Paranormalis where he's told both Num and I that we're behind 9/11, killing JFK and something else involving traveling back in time and punching him as a fetus. Yes, truly and seriously. He's been saying stuff like this to us for...
  4. Cosmo

    John Titor's identity revealed to be Morey Haber

    Hey Hula, thanks for posting this using your real IP. I'm forwarding everything I have to your ISP (AT&T U-Verse), then contacting your local authorities there in or around Louisville Kentucky to get you taken care of. I'll be encouraging Num to do the same. Toodles.
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    Would you believe in me if I told you something

    Go for it cupcake man
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    Qanon - Who is Q?

    Here's an interesting subreddit where many people are keeping tabs on this stuff: There's also this site, which catalogs all of Q's previous posts:
  8. Cosmo

    Time Stepping (help me)

    What's that do?
  9. Cosmo

    Proper themes for TTI

    AWESOME. Glad I could help. There are a couple things I want to change on both the light and dark themes with typography and some other minor changes. Once I take care of those I'll put up a poll with screenshots and stuff and we'll let everyone decide the default :) Glad to see you around by...
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    Proper themes for TTI

    Hey @Einstein, I've put together the light variation and made it default for the time being. I'll create a poll later and see what people like best :) For those that liked the dark theme, it's still available by clicking the style chooser at the bottom left of the site:
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    The chinese ban on time travel

    liylong if you can speak English, that will make it easier for others to reply. Translation:
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    Proper themes for TTI

    I thought some more about this and I do see your point. TTI hasn't ever been a "dark theme" site, but that doesn't necessarily mean it can't be. Probably surprising for some of the people who've been coming here for years, but it's 2018 and we've never really had a "good" theme either. Give me...
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    Proper themes for TTI

    Thanks for the feedback! As part of the whole restoration thing I've been setting up, the plan was to add theme alternatives that resemble these previous color schemes:
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    New to TTI? Introduce yourself here!

    Dang, I'm sorry to hear that! Definitely glad you're better now :D
  15. Cosmo

    TTI has a Discord server

    To try and keep things somewhat uniform between TTI and Curious Cosmos, the chat feature here has been replaced with full Discord integration. This integration will place TTI members in a "Members" group on the server, and there is a "Members Only" channel there if you want to keep discussions...
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    Proper themes for TTI

    I took the dark theme a step further and made it default.
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    Happy birthday, Mike

    Hey @Michael Janks , happy birthday!
  20. Cosmo

    Proper themes for TTI

    Hey guys, I've changed the default theme to one that's a bit closer to how TTI used to look. We're using TARDIS blue as the primary accent and we've recovered the logo @Mop was originally using :) There's a dark theme available also, and you can enable that using the theme selection menu in...