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    Mysterious cases of time travel

    Previously unmentioned here is much of the following:
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    Let’s lucid dream

    Hi. Previously I wrote: Some members here have suggested lucid dreaming dangerous, which I reckon a matter of personal intent. My use for such things is as innocent as harmless in that I've trained myself mainly to evade nightmares and/or heighten my creativity, e.g. when in a dark place, I...
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    "Old/New" - Zeus style 'short'

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    Time and place

    Since the title song of this thread has an Ecclesiastes theme, I decided to include a second song that has a biblical reference. I’m not exactly sure about what is the first selection while, though silly, the upbeat latter reminds me of Jonah and the whale.
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    Quantum eraser rewrites the past

    Being that I'm most interested in discussing possible implications of the conclusion of an episode of a series I've scarcely viewed, a spoiler is the following: "Wave function versus [...]an underlying physicality [...]that requires a physical interpretation[...T]he solution may lie in this...
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    Unintentionally, I might have time travelled more than a few times. The number of times depends on whom is defining time travel. If one is talking about going from point A to point B in no time, then s/he might call one of the instances a time slip. That much about another’s and my suddenly...
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    Time travel without destroying the universe

    How to Time Travel (Without Destroying the Universe) Part One | Tor ... Time Travel Without Consequence: From Mark Twain to Woody Allen. How to Time Travel (Without Destroying the Universe) Part Two | Tor ...
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    Aaron Behrons - Through Time

    Behrons - Though Time
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    Can a human be in two places at once?

    "Why, as things get bigger, does quantum physics [seem to] turn into classical physics"? I inserted the words seem to for, "[...w]ith Schrödinger’s kittens growing up, weird isn’t what it used to be." Now, I'd say more in regard to what Hyunseok Jeong of Seoul National University in South...
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    TT & the multiverse

    Believing time travel possible "...outside of the restrictions of light speed[,] paradoxes" and other problems, e.g. radiation associated with wormholes, I read with interest a book excerpt first reprinted, to my knowledge, at the link provided below: Time Travel and The Multiverse – Many...
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    String theory ...cont.

    Re: the quest for a theory of everything (TOE) as much as a proof of parallel universes, a decade overdue reply to blu64, January 25, 2006, follows Discovery Channel - String theory Rare documentary | National geographic 2016
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    I missed y'all.

    Thank you for your emails and for inviting me back-- time got away with me, but I'm back.
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    Make a Life List

    How I happened to get on Zoe's initial mailing list I don't know. The honor was mine even before she became a life coach. Now, as she is yet committed to helping others learn how to build more integrated and fulfilling lives, and as many people look ahead to the New Year, I share with you the...
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    New World Order (NWO) / Global Disorder

    General introduction to the NWO: Reflections And Warnings - An Interview With Aaron Russo More re: Obama - see The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off - New World Order and/or Fall of the Republic: Vol. 1, The Presidency of Barack H. Obama Also, under “Films,” see Police State I - IV...
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    "The Common Language of Science.”

    Listen as Albert Einstein Reads ‘The Common Language of Science’ (1941)